March 07, 2012

One Prim Tomato Plants Combo

One Prim Tomato Plants Combo only 99L$ on Ariana's Creation Marketplace Shop. Get all the tomato plants for half the price.

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Get all the tomato plants sold in my shop in one combo at half the price. Instead of paying 180L$ you will pay 99LS.
The texture set contains 12 different tomato plants in 4 different variation: 16 sides, 12 sides, 8 sides and 4 sides sculpt prims. There are 4 sets which also contain a flat prim so you can decorate your walls and fences.
You will get with this combo:
- 3 different plain tomato plants
- 3 different tomato plants with green tomatoes
- 3 different tomato plants with red tomatoes
- 3 different tomato plants with yellow tomatoes
You can see the plants included in this combo in my shop as the limit for picture uploads is 8 and this combo contains 12 sets.
Prims: 1
Permissions: Copy/Mod/No Transfer
Out plants and decorations are set to Copy/Mod/No Transfer. If an item says it's No Mod, it's mostly because it has a script inside which is not modifiable, but you can still modify the object (resize etc).
If you have any issues with our products please send a notecard and/or an IM to Ariana4ever Resident and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Our products are not refundable due to its permission settings (e.g. Non Transferable) so please take a good look at the product before purchasing.
Thank you,
Ariana's Creations Team

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